Ft. Anne National Historic Site

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ground Site Interpretive Panel Program

Ft. Anne NHS was the scene of numerous battles as France and England fought for control of North America in the 17th and 18th centuries. The fort changed hands between the British and French over the years and many artifacts lay buried in the earth encompassed by the historic site.

DAWA was challenged to develop a cost effective interpretive panel production process and a mounting system that would not displace any earth and thus potential artifacts during the installation process. A system for creating epoxy coated, full color panels was developed for the graphics. Air compressor driven post hammers were adapted to drive specially designed anchors that minimized earth displacement while holding tight, plumb through tough Nova Scotian freeze/thaw/earth heave cycles.


Analysis, Schematic Design, Design Intent & Implementation Supervision

In association with Parks Canada Atlantic Region Design Studio