CDOT : City Wide
Wayfinding Program

Charlotte Department of Transportation,
Charlotte NC

The City of Charlotte, through a CMAQ grant obtained the funds to develop one of the most highly integrated wayfinding programs in the country. Starting with implementation of a pedestrian wayfinding program implemented to direct visitors to the new LYNX light rail system and then the whole uptown area, the scope has been extended to include freeway and ramp guide signs, vehicular dynamic gateway signs, vehicular directional signs, dynamic parking signs and an egress guide sign program.

DAWA facilitated information gathering workshops with the steering committee and stakeholders while analyzing the navigational challenges for visitors and developing the project design brief. They continued work on the project providing design assistance, development of location plans, development of message schedules, development of eligibility requirements for mention on the system, and implementation supervision.


Analysis, Planning, Design Assistance, Implementation Supervision & Development of Eligibility Requirements

In association with Howard M. Landers Consulting, Two Twelve Associates (Lead), Brinkley Design, Kimley Horn Engineers and HNTB Engineers.